Monday, February 27, 2012

Diaper Clutch

When I first became a Mommy to my beautiful little girl, I proudly carried my overstuffed diaper bag everywhere...with more than enough diapers to diaper an army and probably even more wipes. Well times have definitely changed...I still carry the diaper bag around for longer errands but there are often times I just throw a couple of diapers in with the Library bag or the church bag (shown below). In our church bag, the diapers get scrunched and there are always snacks loose in side the bag (i don't want to imagine what goldsfish crumbs would feel like a little tush) So while skimming Pinterest, I found this diaper clutch tutorial and really liked it and so I whipped it up this evening! It was really easy.

I am really excited to have this ready to go when I need it on Library day and Sundays. The clutch isn't too only holds about 2-3 diapers+a travel wipes container but with a toddler that (hopefully) should be potty training in the somewhat near future its not a problem with the quicker errands.