Friday, January 27, 2012

Rollin' it Up...a crayon roll

So I'm a practical use kind of sewer...I love making things that I or other people will want to use. Things that will cure everyday headaches. One thing I hate is having a diaper bag or church bag full of ziploc bags for snacks, crayons, quiet toys etc. those ziplocs always end up with holes or being spilt. I found a crayon roll tutorial on pinterest when i first joined and in the back of my head I've wanted to sit down and make it. An opportunity came to me last night to be able to sit down and measure, cut and sew this baby up....I tweaked mine a little to match what I had on hand....

I kept the same dimensions as the tutorial but omitted the flannel and chose to use scrap bias tape instead of a hair band and a button (i felt buttons and munchkins aren't a good match). My outside fabric is actually an old pair of jeans, the inside fabrics are from projects of old. Not bad for a bunch of scraps eh? One thing i did do (which probably wasn't necessary) was add some interfacing behind the bottom (light pink) fabric for a little stability.

I Love how it turned out....and because I used the interfacing, the crayons are nice and snug in there and won't easily fall out.

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