Saturday, April 23, 2011

Curvy Shrack is Dust Free

When I got my first sewing machine, it didn't come with a way to cover it and I saw a really good pattern to make my own little sewing machine i knew i wanted to try to make one...then when I got the new one it came with cheap-o plastic one...but I still one to make my own. Joann's had a 1/2 off their clearance fabric so i found this cute pink a purple checkered fabric for about 1.50 a yard! So, i decided to use that for my cozy! At first, I struggled with making the ends b/c I just couldn't figure out the angles, but Ryan helped and it's complete. No more ugly factory plastic thing & the sewing machine is free from dust and other harmful particles (and Annalyse doesn't try to play with it as much).

Pattern source:

Quiet Book Page!

I know I've been talking about these quiet books for some time. I really feel like I learned a lot creating this page! My page is I finally done & it has been distributed to the other sisters in our Ward who participated in the exchange. What we did was-each of us signed up to participate and we created 20 of the exact same page. We all scrambled around to get all of our materials. Then, we traced, measured, cut, sewed and glued all of our pieces to make gorgeous quiet book pages :) I signed up to make an Ice Cream Cone page. There are 5 different colors of ice cream, which are loose with Velcro sewn to each of them and the ice cream cone is sewn to the actual page. We all used Pellon as our pages (instead of felt) to make it more sturdy. Every one's pages turned out wonderful & I am so excited to see Annalyse play with them. Now, all I have to do is assemble all 20 of my pages into a book format. Since there are so many, I will probably make two....which is one of my NEXT projects!.

Things I learned during this project

  • Trying new things is great, but you gotta have patience with yourself!

  • Getting a new sewing machine actually helps get the job done quicker

  • When using the self healing mat don't start at 1x1 when your starting to cut....I'll make you an inch short. (all my pages were an inch smaller than the page everyone else made)

  • Felt is a pain....instead of ironing on fusible interfacing on each ice cream scoop, Iron it on to the whole piece of felt then cut out your ice cream!

  • and finally...20 people is a lot!

Source for the pattern for the quiet book:

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Machine Saga...

I finally gave sewing machine gave me nothing but T-R-O-U-B-L-E- so I found my reciept for the sewing machine...luckily it was still within the return policy so I took it back! This was not buyers was utter loathing for this machine. After much deliberation and research I picked a new one! I am so happy I did. It works SO much better. So without futher adieu, I introduce to Curvy Shrack and say farewell to 3116 Shrack.


I even worked on my quiet books yesterday and discovered how easy sewing can (and should) be.

Monday, April 4, 2011

"Rabbi, Is There a Blessing for a Sewing Machine?"

The Rabbi Says: There is a blessing for everything

I am frantically working to try to get my page done for our ward's Quiet Book exchange...and it seemes like my sewing machine is always screwing up...getting jammed, the needle is unthreading itself, or someother strange mishap--its probably just operator error and not machine error..but holy cow! The time it is taking me! So this scene from Fiddler on the Roof came to my mind.

Once my page is complete I will post it...but until then...pray for my sewing machine :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Matching Aprons

I had been wanting to make the two of us matching aprons for a while now so so I found a free apron pattern and tried my best to make follow it...I, of course, made a several mistakes and it took me a while to find the time to make them both from start to finish but they are finally done! Mine is a little short and Annalyse's is a little big but it works! If I make this one again, I'll definately make a few changes.

Pattern Source: