Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby Blanket

I've posted before about Tom and Yasumi's decision to not to find out the gender of their expected baby. The other day I was in Joanns and saw that flannel was $2.99 a yard and desprately wanted to make something gender specific for the baby so I bought a yard of each of the fabrics above and made 2 baby blankets for the baby. I fell in love with both the Pirate Monkey with its bannana yellow back and the Bumble Bee with the pink back. This my 2nd time making a flannel baby blanket, but I never posed about the first so its kind of as if it didn't really happen. Really I just sewed the two pieces of flannel together nothing big or fancy. The Baby wasn't due until the 17th so I thought I'd have time to make a bib too, but the baby surprised us all and arrived yesterday (Nov. 8th)! Needless to say I was super happy hurried to make these blankets last Saturday Morning!

So which blanket did the baby Chose?

It's a Girl!

Luna Matsumoto Shrack sporting her Aunt B-Jo's Bumble Bee & Pink Blanket

Born 11/8/2011-6lbs6oz, 18inches long

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