Saturday, April 23, 2011

Curvy Shrack is Dust Free

When I got my first sewing machine, it didn't come with a way to cover it and I saw a really good pattern to make my own little sewing machine i knew i wanted to try to make one...then when I got the new one it came with cheap-o plastic one...but I still one to make my own. Joann's had a 1/2 off their clearance fabric so i found this cute pink a purple checkered fabric for about 1.50 a yard! So, i decided to use that for my cozy! At first, I struggled with making the ends b/c I just couldn't figure out the angles, but Ryan helped and it's complete. No more ugly factory plastic thing & the sewing machine is free from dust and other harmful particles (and Annalyse doesn't try to play with it as much).

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